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2023 - new ideas equals new items.

January’s for small businesses are usually the quietest time of the year. Christmas has been and gone and we all reduce our spending having over spent at Christmas. After all it only happens once a year.

January/February time for me are my most challenging for my own mental health. I’ve never really understood why but I’ve always put it down to the lack of orders means I’m not being kept busy being creative, which the whole purpose of MWML was to combat my own mental health issues.

With colder weather making me feel like I’m 95 or something (I’m not even slightly close to that number) where the cold penetrates directly in to my bones it’s on par equal with my lack of creativity as to what affects my mental health. Being in pain reduces the most of us to a pile of mush, but imagine being in pain 24/7 365 days a year. Now this pain is managed by a variety of drugs which for a “normal” person would floor them a bit like a tranquilliser to an elephant - my own close friend’s & parents can’t fathom how I’m even functioning on a daily basis with what I'm taking, but even being with daily pain being managed doing anything even strenuous will put me out for days as a consequence/repercussion down to even the simple things like having a bath.

To have a slight understanding I always refer to the “spoon theory” for chronic pain sufferers like myself. The theory is that anything you do within a 24 hour period you have for example 10 “spoons” at your disposal in order to carry out your day to day tasks. A standard person might use half a spoon to have a bath but a chronic pain sufferer like myself that simple task equates to me using 2 of my daily spoon allowance. This then leaves me with 8 spoons to do any further tasks for the day. Cooking a family meal for a standard person this may use 1 of their daily spoons, but for me it would use 3 of my spoons. Now left with half of my spoons yet a standard person has only used 2/10 of their spoons. I could keep going with simple daily things like hoovering, putting washing on, making the beds or even brushing your own hair these tasks would take a tiny amount of spoons for a standard person but for me hoovering might take 4 spoons, brushing my hair could take 2 spoons and before you know it you’re out of spoons for the day. You don’t have any spare spoons to carry out the rest of your daily activities and you’ve technically already used one of tomorrows spoons yet you haven’t even gotten through the rest of the day yet.

So lack of orders and how cold it is generally turn’s January and February in to a pile of mush where I usually can’t even function. However 2023 for the first time I think has changed it’s course of predicted or expected down falls that usually make these months tough for me.

Ironically this past weekend I was slapped with a chest infection which usually would floor me for a good week if not more but I some how found the strength and motivation to change its predicted course.

My creative “juices” have been flowing like a river which it has allowed me to finally catch up on my delayed orders that seemingly plagued me throughout 2022. But on top of that, new and different creative ideas have been bouncing off the walls which has given me so many more enjoyable prospects.

I have projects in my head that I’ve never had before and just the idea of them has boosted my love for all different types of crafts.

So that is why I’m so excited at this moment in time. I have so many new items to show you all - they aren’t just ideas, they’ve been put in to actual productive actions. So I ask you all to keep an eye on our social media to see these new ideas come to life. I may even ask Mr Mummy Love to set up a newsletter via email that you can subscribe to that can show you specifically just the new items.

So I hope you’ve had a beautiful Christmas and new years and defo keep a look out for new items!l

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