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Life…. Again.

So, when the monsters went back to school I was going to Wizz my orders out and catch up on the delays. Girl monster goes back on last Tuesday. Last Wednesday Mr Mummy Loves car dies whilst collecting the girl monster from school. Great fun NOT have to magic up £170 for a new battery. Last Thursday boy monster goes back to school. 

Saturday boy monster has a football match to play in. Whilst in goal with no one near him his ankle gives out and he’s face planting the floor. Mr ML has to drive his car on to the pitch to get him in the car as he can’t walk. FYI 4 years ago Mr ML did exactly the same thing, was playing football, had the ball with his right foot, no one around him at all and his left ankle gives out resulting in him tearing his Achilles tendon. Boy monster rests and ices up his ankle which btw you couldn’t see the ankle bone at all it was that swollen.


Sunday morning his ankle is still swollen and he still can’t walk. A trip to a&e for him for an X-ray that comes back ok, they couldn’t see a fracture or anything. Is ordered to rest for 48 hours and to not walk on it at all.

With this it means no school Monday - yep 3rd day in to the new school year and he’s already got a sick day.

Monday morning, I wake up Mr ML and tell him to get in the shower, turns shower on pump is on yet no water is coming out the shower. Greaaaaaaat yet another thing to go wrong. Calls Granddad ML over as he’s a plumber, states the pump unit has died and it needs replacing. He leaves and then says I’m not to change it at all (yes I do this and fix everything that breaks in the house and this wasn’t something I was gonna pay someone else to do!) except later that afternoon we discover water trickling down the wall in our living room which is below where the shower pump is. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I start looking for plumbers and no one gets back to me Monday- Wednesday. 

Tuesday day is the first child free day we’ve had since the six week holidays ended and several things needed doing around the house as we all know your home ends up being a shit hole when your monsters have summer holidays and they’ve ended up eating you out of house and home which we managed to squeeze in a trip to Tesco to restock everything and again leaves me another £300 out of pocket.

Tuesday night  in to Wednesday morning the girl monster at 3am wakes me up. She’s got a UTI again…. First one since May after dealing with UTI every week since this time last year. So doctors for her Wednesday morning where she’s got cloudy lemonade coloured wee. Fantastic. Doc confirms infection and now that means the girl monster is now off school sick for two days 6 days in to the new school year.

By this point I’m already pulling my hair out because nothing is going right. Mr ML is still having to work so that leaves me once again having to look after the monsters. I finally get a response from a plumber and he was great. He popped round Thursday evening and I ended up £360 out of pocket but at least water wasn’t coming through my living room roof anymore and the shower is finally working properly again. 

I don’t remember the last time I spent so much money in the space of 7 days. Plus we still haven’t managed to tidy the house fully, the boy monster whilst being bed bound for 3 days seemingly had a collection of empty pop cans in his room which last night I told him to get rid of them and by his 13 year old mind meant take them from his room and dump them in the bathroom. Not in the black bin bag that was already in there from the plumber doing his work, but strategically placing the now empty cans around the sink and not in the bag.

I managed to sweep the dinning room floor whilst the girl monster helped me wiping two cupboard doors down whilst she’s sat in the kitchen on her butt.

But at least my floor is swept and two cupboard doors are now “clean”, that’s about all the good things I can say have happened since the monsters returned to school. The girl monster is back at the doctors this evening as she’s still feeling no better from the antibiotics she’s currently on. 

The plan now is to lock myself in my office this weekend and get these orders done. If you are still patiently waiting for your order I just want it to be known I’m beyond grateful for your support in getting these orders out my front door and that no one is screaming at me for their orders. 

Much love to you all and I won’t let you down!

Tara - Mrs Mummy Love 💗 



*** UPDATE ***

Friday last week the girl monster was still in pain so the GP changed what antibiotics she had. Fingers were crossed that this lot would get rid of the infection. However the girl monster told us Tuesday morning that it was still hurting her going for a wee. Second lot of antibiotics clearly haven’t worked so she was off school again and she was given some beasty 500mg Amoxicillin with her urine still testing positive for infection. Surely these will work!!

Wednesday morning I took the boy monster to school and there was a queue getting in to the car park of the school so before I could even say anything he decides to jump out the car and runs across the car park in order to get to the gates before they closed. I finally drive through the car park and see that he’s leaning against one of those yellow salt bins for when it’s icey and he then hobbles off. I shout over to him and he’s gone over on his ankle again and is in lots of pain. He gets given some paracetamol at school but the pain is too much for him and we are called to go collect him and bring him home.

He is now wearing a wrap type thing around his ankle 24-7 and we’ve got him an ankle splint thing with a bone type thing so his ankle can’t give up without any warning which I’m really hoping will help his ankle recover. He’s gutted that he can’t do PE at school or his football matches at the weekend as he’s always been an active child and has played football since he could walk so you can only imagine his frustration. 

With the orders that are severely behind - made in June and July I’ll be including a little gift as a token of appreciation for the waiting that you’ve all done as I’m beyond grateful that you’ve all been so kind and understanding amongst the chaos that’s been at the MWML household. 

Much love and thanks to everyone during this super hard time we are going through. 

Mrs Mummy Love


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