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The end is near…

Ohhhh how many of you thought that meant the end of mummy love? Naaaaaa never gonna happen, so nothing to worry about. 

I know it’s been a month since I last wrote on this blog and felt like it’s time to do it again so that those who read it know what’s going on. 

Firstly the girl monster hasn’t had a UTI since the week before Christmas - 5ish weeks - THANK FUCK!! 

However the week betore Christmas she and the boy monster both were poorly with what seemed like either covid or flu. Start of that week the boy monster came down with it and by the end of that week the girl monster also came down with it. I was kind of expecting it as they had been on weeks upon weeks of antibiotics prior to this, so I knew something was going to happen. The boy monster did recover slightly better than the girl did however they were both left with barking coughs, 4 days after Christmas the girl monster started really struggling so she then had to go back to the doctors and it was discovered she now had a chest infection. So more antibiotics for her. 🤦‍♀️ She finished them in time for returning back to school and she seemed slightly better but her barking cough remained and was now waking her up during the night.

At the same time when they went back to school the boy monster started complaining about his ears hurting again, so back to the doctor for him. They (his ears) weren’t looking too happy but weren’t looking as bad as they were in the month before Christmas. So another weeks worth of antibiotics for him. Week later there was no improvement and his ears had started leaking. So now he got antibiotic drops for his ears. Once again a week later and zero improvement and a lot more in pain. So back to the doctors. They took one look at them and went “oh this isn’t good. He has pustules of pus all through his ear canal that are about to burst as well as behind his ear drum. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better”, so once again he was put on the antibiotics he had a couple weeks before Christmas that the hospital had put him on which were super strong. We knew these (co-omaxiclov) antibiotics were super good as they worked brilliantly with the previous infection but we were just disappointed with the fact we had wasted 3 weeks trying different things before it got the point where we were really concerned for his hearing again, this was last week and he’s officially finished them on Monday just gone and whilst he’s still moaning about them from what I can see with my otoscope they look better than 3 weeks ago. 

So whilst all that was going on with the boy monster the girl monster was still coughing having returned back to school. The last 3 weeks we took her to the GP every week saying she still wasn’t right from having this chest infection just after Christmas and they kept saying her chest was clear and it was just a residual cough left over from the chest infection, until Tuesday this week and she starts looking like death warmed up, lethargic, emotional, and just worse for wear. So once again she was taken back to the GP because this had now been going on 4/5 weeks and she was constantly coughing but now she was also coughing chunks of goop up. Doc checked her out again and heard her chest wasn’t right again and suggested that the last chest infection hadn’t actually all been resolved and that there was some small infection remaining hence why she was still coughing and starting to feel like death again. So she’s been given antibiotics and told if in a week her cough hasn’t gone then she’s going to have to have a chest xray and bloods done. Monday we tried to get her seen by a doctor and couldn’t at our GP plus because I knew she would likely need a chest xray I sent Mr Mummy Love down to the kids a&e in Milton Keynes Hospital, where they actually refused to see the girl monster whatsoever - who ever knew they could do that, because I didn’t!!

So once again it has been madness and it feels like January is never going to end. But I’m hopeful that we are nearing the end of this 4 month bout of just insane poorly children. As a parent and feeling like nothing you do is good enough when they are poorly but we have to have faith that what we do do for them will be the best course of action. This is why the end is near!

So if you’ve paid any attention to Instagram or our Facebook page you’ll see I’ve been boshing these delayed orders out. Working on a couple hours sleep at night and copious amounts of red bull I am getting there. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently and those who understand the hell that we’ve been through.

I won’t lie, there have been more than usual “angry about the delays” customers and I’ve refunded my fair share of orders when I’ve received disgusting emails or messages from customers who clearly have never seen any of these previous posts even though I have pointed everyone who is waiting to this blog of what is happening and these people basically give zero fucks about what we have been going

Like this delightful person who waited a grand total of 5 minutes between sending each message to me. They were swiftly refunded and blocked from the page and the website and informed they would never be able to order again from me as I’ve black listed their address, name and contact details. Yes I’m being that harsh because there’s no excuse for it.

 Then I get customers who are just absolutely beautiful people who email me saying they understand and they actually care. 

So going forward I’m going to keep boshing these orders out and don’t forget if you ordered before September I’ve included a free £5 gift code for your next order as a token of my appreciation - so make sure not to throw anything away from inside your order. 

Much love to everyone and once again just thank you thank you and thank you all for being patient in receiving your orders. 

💜💜 Mrs Mummy Love 💜💜

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