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The kids are back to school!!

Hello mummy lovers!
My monsters are finally back to school so that means I’m back to working on your lovely orders.
The summer holidays seemed to go really fast this year and I know it’s been quiet on the Facebook page and only a handful of orders managed to get out, but now the monsters are back at school I should be banging these orders out to catch up on the delays that were caused by the summer holidays.

I’ve seemingly created two monsters identical to myself who are strong and passionate about everything they do and because of this plus what seems like prepuberty expecting them to play nicely together is like expecting Russia to play nice with Ukraine, so they legit have tried to kill one another on multiple occasions. Hence why my summer holidays I had to ensure (as a responsible parents) that they don’t kill each other. 

The one bonus of the summer holidays is I’ve managed to brainstorm some new ideas of products to make and hopefully I’ll get round to showing you them all this year. 
Here is a sneak peek at something very awesome and hopefully you can see the sparkle on it as I seemingly don’t know how to insert a video in this blog - 🤦‍♀️.
With the exception of my boy monster who managed to wrangle his way home from school at lunch time yesterday after declaring he was feeling sick to the school nurse who then sent him home leaving me having to deal with his “sickness” - he totally pulled a fast one on that nurse as he was soon screaming at the top of his lungs how much he hated us all last night.
Obviously with the start of the new school year it means we are now in to a new season and the weather being slightly cooler. I’ve got a few footmuffs coming up for orders, but you can also check out the premade footmuffs that are available to send straight away.
In the mean time I’ll be getting on top of these orders that you have all patiently been waiting for which I am beyond grateful for. Hopefully I’ll show you some new ideas soon so keep an eye out on the Facebook page for any updates on new items. 

Mrs Mummy Love 💗 

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