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When will the madness end?? Soon I f%#king hope!

Hey peeps,

Just another update. Not a quick one either unfortunately. 

Girl Monster:

Still having UTI infections, yes the one that started in September. We get a few days or a weekend and it starts back up again. She has been put on some medication that is meant to help (yet to see this happen) by Urology at the hospital. She had a 3 day course of Ceflexen on 25th November, then a 5 day course of amoxicillin on the 1st Dec, then another 3 day of ceflexen on the 5th and now today has been given a 7 day course of Amoxicillin AGAIN. So obviously with this we all know what it’s like, it’s the worst thing ever even worse than labour. But she’s only 11 and she has been going through this for like 15 months now. With this she has to stay off school due to the pain she is in and so we can monitor her liquid intake. It usually takes a couple of days before the antibiotics takes the pain away and the last month she’s not managed a full week at school yet. 

The Boy Monster:

Not sure if I wrote this on anything else but I’ll mention it again. October half term (the last full week of October) he started getting an ear infection. First started with pain and then by the end of the week after that we had him on his 3rd set of antibiotics to help clear it up. We was concerned it was spreading to his mastoid bone in his head to which he last had that happen when he was 7 I think and it landed him in a different hospital for a week with the threat he would need to have surgery should the antibiotics not work. Luckily they did work at the last minute. So the third lot he had of antibiotics this time round were the equivalent of ones he should have been on an IV drip for whilst in hospital but they listened to my begging and allowed us to have the tablet format. This then helped the infection which was behind each eardrum and in each ear canal, so super painful and he couldn’t even sleep on his side and was waking up screaming every 3 hours in pain. Two weeks then passed and he was at school finally which then took us to again 25th of November where he was given an antibiotic spray for just his left ear for 3 days. This wasn’t helping in the slightest so back to the doctors again who didn’t have any appointments which we then got an appointment at our local on call clinic at the hospital. Here it was determined that something was very very wrong and they sent him and the husband straight to kids a&e to be seen by ENT upon arrival. 

it was discovered at this point he had both an infection in both ears and a fungal infection that happened because of all the antibiotics. He had his ears suctioned out and give more antibiotics (yep!) and stuff to take care of the fungal infection. 

This stuff did help ease the issue however the following Tuesday (last week) he was once again in pain which my husband took him straight to kids A&E again. He was then told because he was due in the next day which was a week after the suctioning they couldn’t see him there and then and he had to come back the day after when he would be seen straight away. 

So Wednesday last week 6th Dec they went back and was told the infection and fungal thing had gone however it’s moved to his Eustachian tubes and that infection was now causing the pressure and pain he was feeling. So once again sent away with steroids and more drugs to go up his nose to solve this issue. 

I swear I’m telling the truth here and I can’t make this shit up if I tried my hardest. There is zero fun to be had even when your kid is 13.5 and in pain with his ears as there’s just nothing you can physically do as a parent. 

Anyway my story continues- I warned you it was a long one!

Mr Mummy Love aka the husband

So Wednesday 6th December was one of those days that just goes wrong wrong and more wrong. Because the monsters have been off school so much we’ve been eating out the freezer and raiding the cupboards because we’ve just not had a chance to physically leave the house. On this Wednesday Mr ML was up at the hospital with the boy monster as I mentioned above during the morning so that meant he had work he needed to catch up on. So I decided to take both monsters with me to Tesco to do a food shop, I told both monsters I wasn’t going to do a lot and that was just stupid of me because it did end up as a lot. Boy monster on trolley duty, girl monster on scanny gun duty and bagging and me on my mobility scooter (yes that’s me at 38 I’ve owned a mobility scooter for around 3 years now - totally not getting on to why if you know you know) pointing at what we needed and everything else. I bribed the monsters also with the chance to have a costa mango frapachino thing (yes I know that’s Starbucks but you know what I mean). We finished and got everything in the car and I warned Mr ML that we had a lot of stuff not in bags because the monsters had been packing and seemingly bags weren’t necessary after the first isle, and that when we got back he needed to help get it all in the house. 

So I pull up and Mr ML was there ready and waiting with our wagon thing as our car park is in the middle of all the houses and our house is on the outskirts of the car park and the wagon is a genius purchase we made when we went on holiday one year to take all our crap to the beach. I’m about to say “don’t open the boot up fully, stuff is rolling around in there” and before I can get the words out he opens the boot. Of course the eggs fall out first and land on the floor. I’m sat there like FFS arghhhhing to my exhausted self. I get out the car and Mr ML is picking up the broken eggs and goes and puts the now mushed packet on the wheely bins outside our house. This is where it gets interesting…

Upon making the 8ft walk from the bin to my car Mr ML decides it’s a great time to start a fight with the corner of my boot lid (6pm and dark outside/black car you get the picture) he walks full on in to the corner of the boot lid which had been semi opened and left at the perfect height for him to twat his head in to. Now I won’t lie Mr ML has a knack for insuring himself when no one else is near him or involved. So he’s there Peter griffin ing his head on the floor and I’m like ffs get up it’s fine, he gets up and moves his hand which we then see blood flowing down his head and his hand covered in it also. Crap. This isn’t the usual bang on the head (corner of the extractor fan over the hob is the usual spot or open cupboards favour his head). So we had to get him inside to which I’m telling the monsters to call Grandma mummy love and getting the other monster to knock next door for help. 

With its position it wasn’t something that I could fit as butterfly stitches wouldn’t stay in place because of his hair so we eventually went to bed having stuck a big plaster on it then added an inch of cotton balls and then a bandage and then a hat to keep it all in place (yes it worked and stayed on overnight) however it was clear come the morning on Thursday that he needed to go a&e and get stitches or it glued. 

Glue did the job and stopped the bleeding and hopefully only a few brain cells were lost. He did pop in the shower this morning and avoided that area as the glue was all in his hair and stuff however come 3pm today he’s sat watching the Barbie Movie with the Girl monster and it’s started dripping down his head again for no specific reason. So I’ve glued it back up again and hopefully it will stop else we’re going back to a&e tomorrow. 

We sent the boy monster back in last Thursday to school however at break time he was assaulted and racially abused by another student and then threatened with suspension which we kept him off Friday so we could find out what on earth happened with this incident. His school Friday morning decided they were going to suspend him for Friday for this incident which then resulted in me writing an email to the headteacher for 3 hours in angry mum mode for the headteacher to then reply to my email in shit panic mode and admit the school had been wrong and had failed my boy monster and he rescinded the suspension in full effect and he was subsequently marked as learning from home Friday with a scheduled meeting with the deputy head at some point this week.  

So that’s what’s gone on the last however many weeks it’s been, both monsters were off again today and im hoping they’ll be in school tomorrow. 

I am trying in any and all free minutes I have between all this madness to get my orders done however as you’ve read it’s not been easy. I’ll keep you updated and should they return to school tomorrow and the rest of this week I’ll get these orders bashed out for you all. 

Once again I can only apologise profusely about the delays and I’ll do my utmost best to get them out to you before Christmas. 

Much love

Mrs Mummy Love 💜

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